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Hemen zaude: Hasiera Dokumentuak Gaitasun berdeak Skills for a green economy A report on the evidence

Skills for a green economy A report on the evidence

This project on skills in the green economy results from recommendations made in the skills strategy for England, Skills for Sustainable Growth (November 2010). The report supplements the information relating to skills published as part of Enabling the Transition to a Green Economy (August 2011). The aims of the project were to identify skills needed to support the transition to a strong and sustainable green economy; and to assess evidence of employer demand and potential responses from the skills system which will lead to these skills being delivered. The overarching purpose for this report is to assist businesses and the agencies which support them in the clear articulation of skills needs related to the green economy: a role for the government repeatedly identified from consultation with industry. The green economy is defined as one in which value and growth are maximised across the whole economy, while natural assets are managed sustainably. Such an economy would be supported and enabled by a thriving low carbon and environmental goods and services sector. Environmental damage would be reduced, while energy security, resource efficiency and resilience to climate change would all be increased. The transition to a green economy requires a workforce with the right skills. This includes not only skills in the low carbon and environmental goods and services sector, but also those needed to help all businesses use natural resources efficiently and sustainably and to be resilient to climate change. The evidence gathered in the course of the project indicates that in general businesses are currently not certain about their future green skills needs. That said, some sectors do identify specific skills needs, including energy generation, the construction industry and the food and agriculture sectors.

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