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Hemen zaude: Hasiera Dokumentuak Ekonomi berdea UNDERSTANDING THE GREEN ECONOMY IN CALIFORNIA A Community College Perspective


There is perhaps no area creating more interest from economists, legislators, or the general public than “The Green Economy.” This intrigue has created a flurry of reports to address potential impacts to jobs and the economy, as well as strong public investments from local, state, and federal governments. California's community colleges will play a critical role in training a green-collar workforce, and will therefore require a comprehensive understanding of the needs of industry to appropriately meet this challenge. For all of the interest generated by the green economy, there are equal parts of confusion, skepticism, and misunderstanding. Much of this can be attributed to a lack of consistency in defining green jobs and firms and an inconsistent understanding of the practical implications of the greening of the economy. The Centers of Excellence initiated a study of the green economy in the fall of 2008. The intent of the study was to create a better understanding of the green economy for California community colleges and their workforce development partners. This report will: • Provide definitions for green jobs and green firms to allow for consistent use and understanding; • Illustrate the various scenarios for how green is affecting the workforce; • Demonstrate the green subsectors, traditional occupations and sectors, and emerging occupations and sectors; and • Provide a framework for additional study to help colleges respond to this new green reality. This is a statewide report produced collaboratively by multiple regional Centers of Excellence. It is the culmination of months of research, development and validation by industry professionals and subject matter experts. Given the complex nature of the green economy and its continuing evolution, this framework should be considered a “living document” as it will undergo future revisions as more becomes known about the direction of the various green industry sectors and occupations