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Hemen zaude: Hasiera Dokumentuak Ekonomi berdea Defining the green economy

Defining the green economy

The emergence of the green economy represents the next stage in the evolution of the environmental sector and is growing in step with increasing public awareness of environmental impact. It can be said that the green economy has experienced rapid growth, in part, as the result of changing demand, where greater emphasis is placed on the sustainability of products and services. Greater public awareness, together with government policy, regulatory requirements and financial incentives influence organizations to embrace green technology and adopt greener practices. Companies operating in almost every sector of the economy now consider the ‘greenness’ of their operations in decisions that differentiate their products and services, realizing that in many cases their decisions present long-term cost saving opportunities. There is a danger in characterizing the green economy as a unique and isolated phenomenon as it would suggest that the business opportunities it presents are entirely new and unrelated to the environmental sector or broader Canadian economy. It is also important to recognize the employment outcomes resulting from the continued growth of the green economy will be built upon the existing skill-sets of the environmental workforce and integrated into new sectors of the economy as demand for green products and services continues to grow. ECO Canada’s Defining the Green Economy Report represents the first critical step in solidifying the Canadian definition of “Green Economy”. With this definition, business, government and the public at large will be better positioned to understand what opportunities and challenges may lay ahead for business development, government direction as well as occupational opportunities and skill needs. This definitional report lays an important foundation for ECO Canada’s subsequent research to help illuminate the real economic and business opportunities associated with this societal shift as well as the specific occupational and skills requirements necessary to fully realize the positive impacts of this economic movement.