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Ekonomia eta Ekintzailetasun
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Today we are seeing the dawn of the sustainable economy. It is emerging in dynamic cities, competitive companies and vibrant economies all over the world. It is improving quality of life for citizens. It is making our communities more livable. It is creating prosperity and new business opportunities – and hope. It is the greatest story never told. While we have struggled to understand and address the complexity of the global crises, a multitude of encouraging examples of sustainable practices have been successfully implemented around us. On a daily basis they are demonstrating that economic prosperity, social welfare and environmental responsibility can go hand in hand. That sustainability is about people, society and everyday life. In coming years, we must follow their lead. We must learn, share, replicate, inspire – and be inspired. We must work together to discover, discuss and understand the nature of the sustainable economy - and how we collectively can unleash its potential for society as a whole. We, 576 leaders and experts from 21 countries, have met in Copenhagen, Denmark, to take this leadership forward. Over the course of two days, we have examined the evidence behind “green growth”, based on research by leading scholars, and we have scrutinized pathways and solutions.

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